COVID-19 Relief Fund Collection

NAO Fund Raising Program to Support COVID-19 Affected Community MembersNepali Association of Oregon (NAO) is initiating a fund raising program to support to any of our community members who has been affected and going through an economic hardship due to COVID-19 pandemic. Right now, we are collecting the data for those affected members living in Oregon State and some parts of Washington. As you all know, it is not clear that when this Pandemic will end and how much it will impact to us. But to be prepared in advance, we are lunching this program and NAO has decided to donate $1000 to start. We need the following help from community members in this difficult time to gain the best outcome of this program:

1.       Please kindly send us the information for anyone in our community, who needs any kind of supports due to this COVID-19 pandemic by contacting one of the NAO EC members from the following link:

2.       Please contribute some fund to grow this charitable program using the PayPal link: (Click Donate Button belwo)

3. Direct contribution by check or cash mailed or to NAO Treasurer Manish Karn Address: 1806 NE 177th Ave, Vancouver WA, USA

OR you can directly contribute through any NAO EC members as well.We wish you all stay safe and strong in this difficult time and help each other as needed. Feel free to provide your feedback or questions, if any.Please visit our website for more information:– NAO will decide the actual amount of money to be distributed or any other non-monetary support items, based on need and available resources.


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