NAO Meets with local organization leaders

On Jan 4th 2020, NAO conducted a joint meeting with local Nepali organizations and participated in extensive discussion on community related topics and agreed to move forward with common agendas for the benefit of entire community.
The heads of following organization or representatives were invited:
NRN Oregon Chapter
Nepaa Chhen
Sano Nepal
Nritya Mandala Mahavihar
Intel Nepali Group
Eugene/Kathmandu Sister City Association


  1. US Census 2020
  2. Celebrating Visit Nepal Year 2020 in Oregon 
  3. Brain storming about building a Nepali Community Center 
  4. Participation in the ‘Portland Rose Festival’ in June 2020
  5. Any other matter

After extensive discussion the meeting Agreed as following:
Launch joint venture to make CENSUS 2020 a successful and meet the goal of complete count.
Resume Visit Nepal 2020 campaign program all year round in major cities in Oregon, starting Feb 15-16 Asian Celebration in Eugene Oregon.
Schedule another joint meeting with larger participation and formulate a doable project on available capacity
Collect more info on Starlight or Rose Parade and move forward for application process.


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