NAO Executive Committee 2019 – 2021 Election Program

The Election Committee announces the election for Executive Committee for the Nepali Association of Oregon (NAO) for the term 2019-2021.. All NAO members whose membership is current on the election date and who are above 18 years of age, are encouraged to participate in this election. As per the NAO constitution, the Executive Committee is a body of elected members from the General Assembly, which shall take care of the functions, and obligations of the organization on the day-to-day basis. The General Assembly is a supreme body of the Nepali Association of Oregon. General Assembly is comprised of current members of Nepali Association of Oregon who are older than 18 years. The election shall be conducted following the procedures described herein.

The Executive Committee shall comprise of the following members:
       President ————— 1
       Vice President ——— 1
      Secretary —————- 1
      Treasurer —————- 1
      Member —————— 5

Eligibility for Executive Committee Office: Any current member who has been member since at least 1 year prior to election date and who is above 18 years of age, may serve in any position of the Executive Committee.

Eligibility for Voting: Any member whose membership is current on the election date and who is above 18 years of age will have the right to vote on the basis of one-person-one-vote. Any NAO members born on or before 20th OCT 2001 will be eligible to caste a vote. Voting by proxy will not be allowed.

Filing for Election: Eligible candidates may declare, with the Election Committee, their interest in the desired position in the Executive Committee. No single person can run for more than one position. Interested candidate shall contact the Election Committee through any of the committee’s four members before the deadline for declaring candidacy. Nomination of candidacy for any position must be submitted through Email. However, any individual may contact election committee members over the phone for any other question or concern. Following information is required about the candidate:

  1. Full Name:
  2. Position sought:
  3. Phone:
  4. Email:

Election Committee

Prem Bhatta                           206-697-6429   

Bharat Shrestha                     503-896-4237   

Abinash Poudel                     503-431-9090   

Please feel free to contact the Election Committee members if you have any questions regarding the election. Email is preferred as it can be easily shared with the rest of the committee members.

Nomination for Executive Committee: A potential candidate can be nominated (recommended) by any other eligible member of NAO for any position. The Election Committee will confirm with the nominated candidate his/her interest to run for elections for the proposed position. The nominated candidate will be registered for election if he/she is interested, otherwise the nomination will be voided. A person may not nominate more than one candidate for the same position except for the member position for which one can nominate up to five candidates. A candidate running for a position may not be nominated for any other position.

It is suggested that the person nominating a potential candidate email a courtesy copy to the nominated candidate, in order to expedite confirmation.

Emails: NAO Email Distribution List will be used as a means of communication for the election related announcements and postings. Please visit to join this email list.

Any candidate may use the NAO Email Distribution List one time for canvassing purpose. Please note that this is a moderated email distribution list. Candidates shall email their message to the Election Committee.

Withdrawal from Election: A candidate may withdraw from election at any time until the deadline for withdrawal.. A candidate may withdraw from one position and run for another position before the deadline to declare candidacy.

NAO Membership: To determine if you are a good standing member of NAO, please check with the current NAO Executive Committee. You can also check your membership status online at If you are not already a member of NAO and wish to become a member, you are encouraged to do so by contacting the current NAO Executive Committee or through the NAO website. You may be eligible to vote in the elections if you become a member at least one hour prior to voting.

Extension of Deadline for positions that have no Candidates: The deadline for declaring candidacy may be extended by one week only for those positions that do not have a candidate within the normal deadline. If there are no candidates for a position even after the extended deadline, the Election Committee may solicit volunteers from voting members of NAO on the election day prior to voting to fill the positions. If there are more than one person interested to volunteer for any particular position, that position will be filled by lottery among those interested individuals.

Voters List: Candidates for election may contact the Election Committee for the NAO voter’s list. The Election Committee will provide the voter’s list upon request.

Dates and Deadlines: The various dates and deadlines regarding the election are as follows:

  1. Declaring candidacy and nomination of candidates will begin on September 16, 2019, at 9:00 a.m.
  2. Deadline for nomination by the second person: October 01, 2019, by 9:00 p..m.
  3. Normal deadline for filing candidacy by the candidate: October  04, 2019, by 9:00 p.m.
  4. Extended deadline (if necessary) for filing candidacy in positions without a candidate within the normal deadline: October 11, 2019, by 9:00 p.m.
  5. Deadline for withdrawal from candidacy: October 14, 2019, by 9:00 p.m.
  6. Election for the contested positions: October 20, 2019 (during Dashain Party)

Final list of Candidates: Election committee will make announcement of positions without a candidate following the October 11, 2019 deadline for nomination and the extended deadline will be applied to those positions only. After the last date for filing for elections and the deadline for withdrawal, election committee will announce the final list of candidates for the election. The names of candidates for contested positions will appear on ballot papers. Candidates for uncontested positions will automatically be declared as elected on the election day.


  • Voting shall be conducted through secret ballots. Ballot papers shall be used. The ballot papers shall have the names of the candidates and the position sought for every position that is contested. Uncontested positions shall not appear on the ballot paper.
  • There are 5 member positions. If more than 5 persons apply for member position, the names of all of the applicants for member position will appear on the ballot paper.
  • The ballot papers shall be distributed by the Election Committee to the voters (members of NAO) present during the General Assembly Meeting/Dashain Party on October 20, 2019.
  • The ballot paper shall be marked by voters to indicate their vote. For every contested position, only one candidate shall be chosen by placing a suggested mark (such as X or P) at the designated space next to the desired candidate’s name.
  • Voters shall fold the ballot paper appropriately for confidentiality and place it inside the ballot box during the allotted balloting period, the schedule for which will be announced by the Election Committee prior to the event on the same day..
  • Only one ballot may be cast by any eligible voter..
  • Validity of Votes: The vote for any position in a ballot paper shall be considered invalid if no candidate has been chosen by the voter for the position. If in any ballot paper, more than one name has been marked with the suggested mark (such as X or P) among candidates for the same position, then the vote for that position shall be considered invalid. An invalid vote for a position in any ballot does not invalidate valid votes for other positions in the same ballot. If any ballot paper has crossed out (cancelled) marks but clearly indicate the voted candidate, such votes shall be considered valid.
  • The Election Committee will explain the balloting process during General Assembly meeting and will introduce to the mass the candidates for various positions of NAO Executive Committee..

Questions, Suggestions and Grievances: Election committee will respond to questions, suggestions and grievances from NAO members regarding the election during the election process, and after the casting of ballots.

Attendance: It will not be necessary for a candidate to be present during the October 20th General Assembly meeting. However, the voters must be present in person during the balloting in order to cast their votes. Proxy votes will not be allowed.

Counting of Votes: The Election Committee, with the help of volunteers and representatives of the candidates, will count the votes from the ballot papers for each candidate, and announce the results and the names of the new elected Executive Committee members of NAO. The ballots and the results shall be kept as documents.

Documentation of Election: The Election Committee shall hand over all the election related documents to the new Executive Committee a few days after the election.

Addendum to Election Procedures: The Election Committee may provide further information as addendum to election procedures to elaborate on specific topics as necessary.
Prem Bhatta/ Abinash Poudel / Bharat Shrestha
Election Committee for NAO Executive Committee Election 2019


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