Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

Goals: Help earthquake victims in Nepal.

All funds collected by NAO fundraising activities will be used for relief/aid to earthquake victims
in Nepal directly or through International/National Non-Profit Organizations and Government agency/agencies in Nepal.
All collected funds will be disbursed to Nepal as soon as practically possible.

Therefore, NAO fund will–
· support or complement direct relief services already underway by local groups
· support or complement direct relief services already underway by Nepal government or INGOs

Where possible, NAO representative volunteers will help deliver services in the affected sites.
Funds raised for Earthquake relief will NOT be used to support travel, accommodation or other
expenses for the volunteers. These funds will NOT be used to cover any administrative costs except for transaction fees related to collection and disbursement of the funds.

NAO Fund Collection Strategy:
· Seek individuals to donate for the victims of the earthquake in Nepal
· Contact private and corporate sectors to donate for the Nepal earthquake
· Distribute flyers at workplaces
· Organize a cultural/musical program to raise fund
· Organize fund raising drives in public places

NAO is committed to make the collection and distribution of Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund accountable and transparent.

NAO would like to thank you if you have already made a donation to Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund or any other funds. If you are considering donating again, NAO urge you to donate to Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund and show your solidarity. We are together in this with our sisters and brothers in Nepal.

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