RFP Selection Announcement

In the second week of FEB 2016, NAO had announced an RFP (Request for proposal) and had asked help from community members for recommendation of possible projects that were in accordance to NAO RFP guidelines posted in NAO website. We thank you for your help as we received a good amount of project requests.

After rigorous examination and understanding of the scope of six RFPs NAO had received, NAO RFP community in agreement with NAO executives has chosen the following two RFPs.

    1. Sita Secondary School Reconstruction Project proposed by Nepal Rising in conjunction with VolNepal (Volunteer Nepal National Group). Nepal Rising and Vol Nepal group wants to rebuild the only school, Sita Secondary School in Brasunchet VDC in Nuwakot that was destroyed by the recent earthquake. The goal of this project, as proposed by Nepal Rising and VolNepal is to provide quality education to the children of Brasunchet VDC (Nuwakot) through creation of student friendly permanent learning space. The project is targeted towards the children of entire Barsunchet VDC (Nuwakot) and expects 300 students and 500 households each year to benefit from this project. Nepal Rising is seeking NAO contribution of about $12,000 for this project, a 43% of total project cost.
    2. Rebuilding school destroyed by April Earthquake in Jyamrung-4, Dhading by Build Up Nepal. Build Up Nepal wants to rebuild the the only school in the village (ward number 4) with 11 classrooms and toilets. In addition to rebuilding the school, the goal of this project, as proposed by Build Up Nepal is to rebuild the school as a model building using compressed earth bricks and enhance the economic status of the villagers by transferring the technique and handing over the machine to local entrepreneurs. Build Up Nepal is seeking NAO contribution of about $15,501, an 18% of total project cost.

Vice President of NAO, Mr. Sarju RajBhandari, will soon seek to disburse the proposed amount to the respective selected projects organizations. The start of rebuilding per NAO RFP timeline is expected to start from July 2016 and the project completion is expected after 8 months, MAR 2017.

We thank you for your involvement, help and support you have given.

If you want to understand the details on any of the RFP projects, you are welcome to directly contact the Vice President, Mr. Sarju RajBhandari or download the documents. (To download the documents please click on the title of the project above)

Thank you.