Nepal School Support Micro-projects 2021: Proposal Requested

NAO executive committee has decided to continue Nepal school support micro-projects for the year 2021 as well and we are requesting you all for sending applications as below:Project Title: Nepal School Support Micro Project 2021Each project cost: Maximum $2,500.00Priority areas of project: library, science lab, lady’s toilet, health education, etc.

Deadline to submit the proposal: August 31st, 2021The proposal should be drafted on school’s letter pad and sent to NAO by email to (we recommend no longer than 2 pages). There is no standard format for the proposal.Please note that the Nepal school support micro projects will be funded by the donors — it will not be funded by the current NAO funds.

So, all the received proposals will be forwarded to donors, which means it is not guaranteed that all received proposals will get fund but NAO will try to maximize the needy receiver as much as possible.

Please help us to collect the proposals from your connections and send before deadline.

If you need any additional information about this program or if you would like to send proposal packets, please email us at or NAO secretary Trilochan Paudel at or education program coordinator Bharat Banskota at


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