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Nepali Community in Oregon is growing faster. More and more Nepali individuals and the Nepali families are moving in Oregon. We have experienced a significant growth in Nepali community in the later part of 1990s. There are both first and second-generation Nepali families living in Oregon. In addition, large number of Nepali youths is coming in for the higher education in the four-year college and universities across the state. Many Nepali are married to Americans and many American from Oregon have visited Nepal and have special bond with Nepali people and culture.

Currently, there are over 325 Nepali residents and their families live primarily in Portland, Salem, Corvallis and Eugene areas in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Our growth as a community has presented a need for establishing a formal organization to foster and maintain fellowship among us and represent our causes in America. We understand that individually and as a family we are all trying to succeed in our professional pursuits in this new land. And we also understand the hardships and struggles we have to endure in the process of making this new land our home. It is a challenge to begin anew away from the homeland, and away from the support of families and friends. A network of community support and social interaction among fellow Nepali will help us to deal with such challenges positively. To this end, the formal organization presents a forum for reinforcing our common and shared values of Nepali culture and heritage. Therefore, we have formed an organization called Nepali Association in Oregon (NAO). This body will encompass the interest of all Nepali and our American friends.

NAO is registered as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization under the IRS Code 501(c)(3).

Formation of Nepali Association of Oregon
A seven member executive committee of NAO was formed under the leadership of Raju Mali in the fall of 2000. On the Nepali New Year Day celebration (April 22, 2001), the nine members of NAO founding executive committee (2001-2003) were elected by the members of the Nepali community. The founding NAO executive consisted of:

  • Raju Mali (President)
  • Kush Shrestha (Vice President)
  • Anupama Shrestha (Secretary)
  • Darshan Rauniyar (Treasurer)
  • Bal Joshi (Member)
  • Daya Shakya (Member)
  • Girish Ghimire (Member)
  • Purna Ranjitkar (Member)
  • Urmila Mali (Member)

Current Executive Committee (2015-2017)

  • Ganga Sharma – President – gurung55@yahoo.com – 503 929 1927
  • Sarju Rajbhandari – Vice President
  • Anu Acharya – Secretary – anu014@gmail.com – 520 395 6544
  • Umesh Phuyal – Treasurer
  • Abinash Paudel- Member
  • Basanta Karki – Member
  • Bishes Rayamajhi – Member
  • Dipita Thapa – Member
  • Pradeep Bajracharya – Member

Mission Statement

The purpose of Nepali Association of Oregon is to strengthen and preserve Nepali cultural heritage and a social bonding among the members of the Nepali community in Oregon and South West Washington through a strong network of support, and to collectively work for the welfare of the people in Nepal.


  • Preserve Nepali cultural heritage among Nepali people.
  • Strengthen community bonds and fellowship in the Nepali community.
  • Promote Nepal and Nepali causes in the local community.
  • Help Nepali people in Oregon in time of need and difficulties.
  • Help people in Nepal through a direct monetary as well as in-kind grants

Click here for NAO constitution

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