NAO Recent News


NAO awarded “$500 NAO High School Excellence Award 2019” to Pranaw Bajracharya during the Dashain party on Saturday, November 3rd. Pranaw is a high school senior this year and graduating in June 2019 from Tigard High School. He is the son of our community members Pradeep and Kushmabati Bajracharya. Pranaw is planning to pursue undergraduate degree in engineering. He has not confirmed his university yet.



NAO awarded “NAO Outstanding Volunteer Award 2018” to Dillu Raj Thapa. Dillu Raj Thapa was the NAO president for the term 2007 to 2009. He has been actively involving in NAO activities since its establishment in 2001.



NAO awarded “NAO outstanding donor award 2018” to the following community members for 2018. NAO established this award effective from this year for the NAO community members who donates NAO $500 or more cash directly or indirectly every year:

Gita Bhattarai/Mahesh Dangal
Sarita/Pramod Poudel
Sarju Rajbhandari
Jagat Shakya
Abinash Paudel

NAO will continue this award every year in the future.