NAO Selected 7 Schools for Nepal School Support Micro-Projects 2019

NAO decided to support the following seven schools in Nepal this year under the Nepal schools support micro-projects program 2019. The proposal submission deadline was September 30, 2018 for 2019 program. We had received total of 10 proposals for this year and selected the following seven schools in collaboration with donors:

1. Aananda Bhairab Secondary School, Kageshori, Kathmandu — Installing false ceiling and improving classrooms — $2,730.00

2. Bishow Rastriya Secondary School , Kritipur, Kathmandu – New Library Setting — $1,900.00

3. Bhubaneshori Aadharbhut Secondary School, Bagchaur, Salyan — Early childhood development classroom renovation — $1,820.00

4. Bal Secondary School , Rani, Morang — Science lab renovation — $2,780.00

5. Janata Rastriya Secondary School, Dhangadhi, Kailali — Computer Classroom setting — $1,820.00

6. Kirtipur Secondary School, Kirtipur, Kathmandu — Early Childhood Development Classroom renovation — $2,815.00

7. Shailputri Secondary School, Barpak, Gorkha — New library setting — $1,780.00

NAO has already transferred the fund to all schools in Nepal except Shailputri School, Gorkha.

NAO would like to take this opportunity to thank Julie Chang and Stewart Sheiu for their generosity to support Nepal School micro project this year as in the past. They donated $5,000.00 to NAO before the end of the year, so Intel Corporation matched their $5,000.00. They helped us to organize Gift Sale fund raising events in three different Intel Campuses and we were able to raise $1,021.00 in the events. They had donated to us previous year as well and the fund that was left was over $1,800.00. All their support made total fund $12,821.00 available to support the above projects. NAO used $1,044.00 from fund received from Intel Corporation through the Intel Volunteer match grant. NAO transferred a total $13,865.00 to the above six schools and is working to support Shailputri School in Gorkha. NAO’s goal is to support this school within next two months.

NAO is proud to inform all that our association is continuously impacting the social life in Nepal to bring change – we are always striving to do better than in the past!!!


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