Pacific Northwest Nepali Jamghat Concluded in Portland, Oregon on August 31st, 2019

The Pacific Northwest Nepali Jamghat concluded very well on last Saturday, August 31st at Blue Lake Park in Portland, Oregon. There were over 366 participants despite the Teej Darkhane weekend. We had 111 participants from Seattle, WA and 33 participants from Vancouver, British Columbia. We had few other participants from Virginia, South Carolina, California, Nebraska and from other states, and also some visiting friends and families from Nepal and Germany.This kind of Jamghat was organized in 2002 for the first time in Vancouver, Candada. Then the Nepali community in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver BC is organizing this kind of gathering every year turn by turn.

The picnic was mixed of potluck (lunch) and dinner (major items by vendor). I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all who brought food items and other supplies for the picnic. The picnic was successful due to a synergy of our community members in an individual level as well as in organization level. We were able to bring all local Nepali related organizations together to make the event a grand success: NRNA NCC Oregon Chapter (who provided 125 pounds goat meat and 20 cases of bottled water to the picnic– thank you Daya Shakya, Laxman Darlami, Prabhakar Lama, Niranjan Shrestha and friends), Neppa Chhen (who provided 75 pounds Aalu Sandheko to the picnic and also organized cultural program with snacks to entertain the picnic participants specially from out of state in the evening— thank you Diwakar Maharjan, Keshav Maharjan,Rajesh Maharjan, Sunil Tamrakar and friends), Sano Nepal (who provided 400 cans of soda— thank you Nirmal Shrestha and friends), Intel Employees Nepali Club (thank you Jwala Adhikari for coordinating Nepal originated Intel employees to bring to the picnic and encouraging them to volunteer) and Eugene-Kathmandu Sister City Association (who helped us to bring Nepali community from Eugene to the picnic and supporting us in managing the picnic — thank you Harvey Blustain for your time and energy).

As we announced earlier, NAO is pleased to acknowledge the following persons who donated NAO $50.00 or more to support financial expenses of the picnic. Dinesh Thapa (Willsonville) donated $200.00, Gyanendra Karki (Oregon City) donated $100.00, Ac Sherpa Salaka (Seattle) donated $100.00 and Dinesh Bista (Tigard) donated $60.00 —- thank you all for your generosity.

The heart of the picnic was food part— there was a huge role of Ganga Sharma and Bernandi Mali to plan and communicate to the community members about the food items, and also they were up front to organize the food and serve in the venue — Khudos Mali sisters!!! Our volunteers Harvey Blustain, Pravin Tripathi and Prem Bhatta engaged the children by organizing kids activities— many thanks to them! Youth volunteers did amazing job in the registration desk— many thanks to them! Each and everyone who were in the picnic helped NAO to organize the event from one way or other ways please accept my sincere appreciation for your help— you are the one who made this event a memorable moment!

A lot of Nepalese community leaders of the Pacific Northwest addressed the picnic. Among those leaders were NRNA NCC USA newly elected General Secretary Pashupati Pandey, Honorary Consuls of Nepal to Seattle AC Sherpa, Commissioner of the Governor of the State of Washington for Asia and the Pacific region Mohan Gurung, Nepal Seattle Society President Madhab Bhandari, Nepal Cultural Society British Columbia Vancouver Vice-President Pratima Parajuli, Canada-Nepal Friendship & Cultural Society President Mankajee Shrestha, NRNA NCC USA Oregon Chapter President Daya Shakya, Intel-Employees Nepali Club representative Pramod Poudel, and Eugene-Kathmandu Sister City Association President Harvey Blustain. On behalf of the organizing committee, I, as the president of the Nepali Association of Oregon welcomed the participants to the event.

The sports soccer, volleyball and golf tournaments were organized during the event. Seattle own both soccer and volleyball running cups while Portland own best team trophy in gulf tournament. Sports coordinators Kiran Adhikari (soccer), Abinash Poudel (volleyball) and Narayan Gurung (golf) manged the Oregon teams well, and also played leading role to happen these events successfully — many thanks to them!

Annual regional publication “Jamghat” was released in the event. Daya Shakya (NAO) had lead the publication committee, and the other team members of the committee were Pratima Parajuli (NCSBC), Suraj Gautam (NSS) and Manish Karn (NAO). Thank you publication team for bringing the publication timely without any delay.

Our annual publication “Jamghat” is available online…/2019/09/jamghat-2019.pdf

Please take a note that Pacific Northwest Nepali Jamghat will be organized in Vancouver, Canada next year!

Thanks again!

NAO, Executive Committee


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