Adopt a School in Nepal

In collaboration with Intel corporation volunteers, NAO has started an ‘Adopt a School’ initiative. We hope to obtain support from as many individuals and organizations as we can to help the rebuilding process of the schools in Nepal.  By working together, we can put many children back to a safe classroom, one school at a time.

Among the 15 most affected districts/areas by the earthquake in 2015,   Sindhupalchok district suffered the largest damages with 2,800 fatalities. About 90% of houses remain unlivable in Sindhupalchok district. Shree Bhote Namlang School, the first school which NAO selected to rebuild under this initiative is located in Sindhupalchok.

Shree Bhote Namlang School is one of a few schools that survived the earthquake, though not without severe damage. One year after the earthquake, very little work has been done by Nepal Government towards rebuilding. Nine out of twelve classrooms were destroyed. The library and the science lab have been shut down due to the damage from the earthquake, and land erosion on the lower ground of the school could further cause potential structural failure. Children continue to study in unsafe classrooms where there is a shortage of drinking water, and no clean toilets for students and teachers.

How can I help?

Sponsor a reconstruction or repair project from Shree Bhote Namlang School rebuilding project list. You can sponsor the project as an individual or as a group.

Please make your tax deductive* contributions using one of the following ways.

1. Check: Please write your check payable to Nepali Association of Oregon (please indicate “Adopt a School, Bhote Namlang School”. If you would like to sponsor a specific project, please choose a project from the project list beow. Optionally, you may include NAO donation form). Please mail the check to:
Nepali Association of Oregon
P.O. Box 7052
Beaverton, OR 97007

2. PayPal: Click on the button below to donate using PayPal (Note – You can also use credit card or bank account through this link. PayPal membership is not required.)

Project Num Project Name Fundraising Goal Donation Link
1 Science Lab $8,000
2 Library Room $7,000
3 Computer Lab $6,000
Fundraising Goal Met
4 Water Supply $3,000
Fundraising Goal Met
5 Retaining Wall $2,000
Fundraising Goal Met
General (Not specific to a project number)
Total $26,000

*NAO is registered as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization under the IRS Code 501(c)(3) and NAO will provide tax deduction receipt for your contributions by PayPal, check and cash. For GoFundMe contributions, you will get tax receipt directly from FirstGiving, non-profit partner of GoFundMe. Actual deduction may depend on your individual tax situation. This is not a tax advise. Please consult your tax adviser or IRS webpage on charitable contribution deductions.

Project List

Project #1 – Science Lab

Scope: Build a new science lab structure, plus science lab equipment and furniture

Cost: $8,000

  • Science lab building construction: $5,000
  • Lab equipment: $2K
  • Furniture: $1K

Project #2 – Library Room

Scope: Reconstruction of a library room, plus furniture and books

Cost: $7,000

  • Library building construction: $5,000
  • Furniture: $1K (Sponsored by Anonymous – Intel Corp)
  • Books: $1K (Sponsored by Anonymous – Intel Corp)

Project #3 – Computer Lab

Scope: Construction of a computer classroom

Cost: $6,000

  • Computer lab construction: $5,000 (Sponsored by Anonymous – Intel Corp)
  • Furniture: $1K (Sponsored by Anonymous – Intel Corp)

Project #4 – Water Supply (Sponsored by Anonymous – Intel Corp)

Scope: Build pipe to connect spring water to the school plus the construction of the tap near the school compound. The same water could be channeled to toilets.

Cost: $3,000

Project #5 – Retaining Wall (Sponsored by Anonymous – Intel Corp)

Scope: Build retaining wall to prevent landslide and protect classroom structure.

Cost: $2,000